Air Penguin Lite

Air Penguin Lite 1.1

Jump, fly and dodge your way through Antarctica


  • Fun graphics
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Includes an intro movie detailing a background story


  • Collecting enough fish for power-ups is tricky

Very good

Air Penguin Lite is a game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in which you take control of a penguin with a spring in his step and lead him on a quest over the Antarctic.

The object of Air Penguin Lite is to guide the bouncing bird across a series of ice platforms, negotiating the many obstacles in your way. The screen scrolls vertically and you control the penguin by tilting the screen forward, backward or side to side. You must make sure he lands onto the ice platforms without falling into the water, or else your poor penguin drowns.

Beside just jumping, Air Penguin Lite also gives you the opportunity to ride turtles, skate across ice shelves on your penguin's stomach and even fly along on the breeze. This varied gameplay helps keep Air Penguin Lite interesting for a long time, and it's just as addictive as Angry Birds.

As well as trying to get to the flags at the end of each level in Air Penguin Lite, you should also be collecting fish along the way. These fish can be exchanged for power-ups that can help you progress through levels. Air Penguin Lite even has its own store where you can buy more fish with real money. You may need to take advantage of this because eventually it becomes very difficult to collect enough fish to buy new power-ups.

Air Penguin Lite looks nice, is easy to control and fun to play.

Air Penguin Lite


Air Penguin Lite 1.1

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